Corporate Social Responsibility – An Honest Assessment

Although this wonderfully satirical (and uncannily accurate) video is primarily making a point about climate change, it highlights the cause of much of the ill we see from publicly listed companies. The much higher pressure to give shareholder return than to add value.

It is eloquently encapsulated in one of the lines, “it ensures solid returns to our shareholders by killing their grandchildren.”

It’s the main reason we believe in the power for good and transformation that is the independent company. A company which looks seriously at its financial returns, but not at any cost.

Very funny video. And NSFW (if you’re in a corporate environment!).

We love to help Independent Businesses grow and do good. Talk to us about how we can work with you to do good as you do well.

Read about the International Integrated Reporting Council’s drive to bring value into the financial reports of all companies.

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