We help independent businesses succeed and grow profitably by leading with their values.

Our Values Led Business programme gives you tools to grow your business profitably by focussing on Vision, Values and Execution.

Our Mission

To help independent companies
become forces for social and economic good
while meeting the aspirations
of their employees, customers, owners and communities.

Our kinds of businesses

Local over Global

We love businesses that benefit and add value to their communities. Businesses with genuine roots and contribution.

Entrepreneurs over Stock Markets

We love independent companies which add value to their customers, employees, founders and communities.

Profit in the service of People

We love profitable businesses that build humanity into how they do business.

I’m Iyas, the creator of Values-Led Consulting. I’ve led consultancies from 2 man startup to a team of around 500 – through rapid growth, turnaround, IPO and trade-sale. Key milestones along the way…

  • Co-founded a business and technology consultancy;
  • Grew it from 2 to 30+ consultants, with clients like Virgin Atlantic, HSBC and Lloyds of London;
  • Acquired by a consultancy / full services agency, and joined its board;
  • Led a turnaround of our largest delivery team which threatened our survival, growing it from 60 to 200 and making us a destination employer;
  • On the board as we IPOed on AIM, then sold the company to a large corporate for over £40 million;
  • Led a team of 500 consultants across Europe post-acquisition;
  • Then supported other consultancies and agencies multiply their revenues and profits while deepening their values.

Most importantly, all of that happened by focussing on values, and having an absurd amount of fun along the way.

Through that time, and especially towards the end, I became more and more convinced that a more human and sustainable world could be built on the success of independent businesses. Businesses that valued their founders, their customers and their staff more highly than some sharp-suited trader looking for a quick buck on the stockmarket.

So today I use my experiences and what I’ve learned to support entrepreneurs and independent businesses. And that’s where Inspired Indie (and you?) come in. Helping entrepreneurial and independent businesses succeed is not just my business, it’s my conviction.

Yes, everything I do is mindmapped!