New Richmond Technology Meetup
Scaling Your Business

Most startups don’t live to see their 5th year of business. And from those that survive, most become a daily grind that doesn’t come close to the vision of their founders.

There’s good reason for this. Running a business is hard. Founders get sucked into focussing all their time on clients and team, leaving no time (or energy) to scale the business or to achieve the vision they had when they started out.

But it can be done. Join us for this free event for business founders and leaders who want to systematically scale up their business profitably and in alignment with their purpose and values.

Your presenter is Iyas, founder and Managing Partner of Inspired Indie, which helps independent companies grow profitably while leading with their values. He’s led companies and teams through startup, scale-up, turnaround, IPO and trade sale, teams from 2 people to nearly 500, and revenues from £0 to over £60 million. He currently mentors and advises purpose-led founders and boards of independent companies that want to scale up.

If you’d like to join us, please fill in the following form so we can gauge interest and customise the session.