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Attract Customers


Advertise on Google and Facebook

Google and Facebook advertising are some of the most effective ways on the internet today to drive new business.

Alternatively, without a plan and an understanding of their features, they can bleed your marketing budget dry in stealth mode without you noticing!

We can help you craft and implement a plan to:

  • Target your potential customers with remarkable precision, right down to their location;
  • Measure the return on your advertising spend to the penny;
  • Continually optimise your ads so that you get more business for less investment;
  • Monitor the results so that you only use those ads that are bringing you business.

Use Social Media

Social media can be a great enhancement to growing your client base. Alternatively, it can suck up a lot of time for nothing other than vanity.

We can help you:

    • Decide if social media is right for your business;
    • Determine the best channel for you – is it Twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook? Pinterest? Snapchat?
    • Put in place processes to reduce the amount of time it takes you to keep your social media profiles up to date.

Blogs and SEO

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, is the application of a number of methods to try to get your site to appear at the top, or in the top few, Google searches. Sounds great, no?

Well, kind of. There’s no way to guarantee it. Nor even to give you a comfortable probability of making it. And there’s also no way to be sure you’d stay there if you achieved it. In addition, you may be on a quest for fool’s gold, as there’s no guarantee that those doing the search that you’ve topped are even looking to buy anything.

The best way to increase your chances of being noticed by the search engines is to have great content, usually through a blog. This takes a lot of work, but may still be a valid approach in some instances. Certainly having good and useful content on your site is always a good thing. But if you’re doing it in the hope of being found by prospective customers, it’s an incredibly uncertain and risky strategy.

That all said, if your business is one of the very few where this makes sense, or indeed if you just want to get your blog going to prove your value once customers have found your site, we can help you put a strategy in place for it.

Win clients


Effective Website

Having a good looking website is not enough to get potential customers to contact you. Indeed, sometimes it’s not even essential.

Far more important is the effectiveness of the site. For instance:

  • How easy is it for prospective clients to contact you from anywhere on the site?
  • Do you know what page your client lands on, and does that page answer their question and give them a way forward?

We can work with your website developer (or occasionally without) to make your website a better business magnet for you.

Emails for Relationship Building

For those customers where email is effective, you can create sequences of emails to build a relationship with them by providing relevant information and letting them know about your organisation and how it may help them.

This is more suitable for some businesses than others. We can help you decide whether it’s right for your organisation or not.

If you do go ahead, much of the work can be automated so that you can consistently get your best messages across without having to rework them every time.

Ethical Stalking!

Once a prospective client has been to your site, or followed you on social media, or requested more information from you, there are a number of ways to stay in touch, ranging from email, to social media updates, or through adverts that only appear to people who already know of your services.

We will help you find the ways to get your most relevant messages across so that you have the best chance of gaining those clients for whom your organisation is a good fit.

Keep and Grow Clients


Contact Strategies

If your organisation would benefit from repeat business, then there are a number of ways you can use technology to keep contact. At its simplest, to schedule regular calls, or to schedule a set of emails to go to them at specific times.

We can help to automate any relevant aspects of this so that you don’t miss an opportunity to keep in touch, and can present a consistent message to your clients.

Loyalty Campaigns

Some businesses use loyalty campaigns to retain their customers. Whether this is through discounts for increased future business, gifts, or a number of other mechanisms.

A number of simple loyalty schemes can be put in place if relevant for most businesses. We can help you explore the options.

Customer Analytics

Customer analytics are usually used for one of three reasons:

  • To identify your best customers to ensure you keep them happy and coming back.
  • To identify customers who may be about to leave, or who may need a little more attention.
  • To identify the common features that your best customers share, and see if you can find new prospects with similar features.

We can help you put in systems and processes to start down this route.

Do more with less


Automate Your Marketing

If you have someone whose job it is to look after your marketing (even if that’s you!), we can help you automate a lot of processes so that you can market more effectively without more people.

Or, if you don’t really do much marketing (or any at all), we can help you get going, and use automation to make it take very little additional effort.

Automate Repetitive Processes

You’d have had your head in the sand if you’ve not heard the buzz (and sometimes hype) about The Cloud!

Yes, there is a lot of hype. BUT there’s also the opportunity to automate many things that could save your business a lot of time. Or looked at another way, allow you to do a lot more things with the same amount of time. Such as:

  • Invoicing and billing;
  • Sending marketing and sales emails;
  • Connecting systems to each other, such as billing to sales to customer management.

Do what the big guns do for a fraction of the cost

Put all of this together, and you can see that a lot of things that until very recently only large companies could do are within the grasp of much smaller enterprises, organisations and startups.

We can help you see the ones that can bet support your business or create the biggest impact.