Your company can only contribute sustainably if it is profitable

When discussions with my clients turns towards the contribution their company makes to their community or environment, I obsess that they need to be reliably profitable. Especially if their contribution is philanthropic.

I’m a governor at my kids’ primary school. I was astonished how many children struggle to do their best simply because their families don’t have the means to give them breakfast. In 2018, in the UK. This impacts their day, and over time, their whole outcome from school.

So seeing Lawrence Jones’s UKFast committing to funding breakfast for kids who can’t afford it at their local school is amazing ( It will have such an impact.

And guess what? UKFast’s financial health is skyrocketing. Revenue and EBITDA doubled from 2014 to 2016 (quickest figures I found). They couldn’t make this commitment without solid finances.

It is irresponsible to your team and to the causes you support not to ensure your company has the financial health to sustain its contributions – a company whose health is in danger endangers all the people it supports.

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