We help Independent Businesses Grow with a focus on Vision, Values and Execution.

Grow your business with our Values Led Business programme

Profit and cash flow are essential for survival - take your eye off either, and your business won't be around for long.
But if you want to build a business that grows, lasts, and means something, you need to focus hard on vision, values and execution.
Get those right, and profit, cash flow and growth will follow.
But more than that, you'll be building a business that is a force for good.
Our programme launches in November 2017. To get on the list and find out details, please complete the form at the top of this page.


VVE Vision
A compelling, well-articulated and credible vision gives your company direction. It allows you to create meaningful milestones. It inspires your team to do better, attracts the right customers and team members, and aligns and empowers your team.


Values and Culture
Your values create your culture if you lead with them and ensure that they are embedded in how you do business. They define how you deal with all your stakeholders. Make your values real, and your team will grow your business with you.


VLB Execution
Hope is not a strategy. You need an intentional way for your business to take the actions it needs to take in order to achieve your vision. There are new ways to create intentionality and continual learning to grow your business.

Why use Inspired Indie?

(Doing my best to look earnest.)

Our mission is to help Independent Businesses grow with values. We bring you strategies and techniques used by the most dynamic startups, always with a focus on you, the owner, your employees, your customers and your community.

  1. Proven process. The execution engine, which is the core of the approach we take you through, is based on the processes that the most dynamic startups use. It's harder for the big corps to apply because they need to overturn embedded cultures, big process teams and massive inertia. We don't have those problems in our world.
  2. Leading with values. Take the execution engine, and imbue it with your values so that it works in line with what you believe in, and what you want to build, and you'll find that this complete alignment puts you and your team on hypercharge. We focus hard on values. Not just because we're nice (which we are!), but because when it's done right, it becomes a virtuous cycle. It does good and leads to financial success.
  3. Based on experience. This isn't based on fluff and textbooks. It is how based on how I personally led teams from 2 to 500, through startup, rapid growth, turnaround, IPO and trade sale. It is proven. Repeatedly.

Helping independents succeed is not just our business plan - it's our mission. I've been on both sides: corporate and independent. Independents are more flexible, more agile, more direct. And more fun. Join the ride.

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