The Power and Need for Indistractable

I’ve been privileged the last couple of days to go with some of my clients to 2 talks about recently launched books.

First, Nir Eyal’s “Indistractable”, which lays the case and an approach to move from from distraction to traction. Essentially, this is how to spend our time and attention with more intentionality on the things we want to focus on.

A few of us then went to a talk by Naomi Klein on her latest book, “On Fire”. her perspective on the urgency of the climate crisis. She talks about twin fires, one metaphoric of our politicians and corporation’s lurch to environmental destruction for profit, and the other literal, the fires spreading as various parts of our planet take light. She adds her own third fire of hope, which is that we’re waking up to the urgency and putting a fire under the system to fix it.

Unrelated books. Except that Klein explicitly talked about how we needed to not be distracted from the key mission of saving the environment by the bling of consumerism (note – I don’t think she used the word “bling”!), or of populism, or of being polarised, and to focus instead on what needs to be focused on.

Being indistractable from the need to make a difference. Would Eyal buy into it?

2 great talks and 2 good books.

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