Supporting the next generation of female founders

Lovely to chat with Margaret-Ann Splawn today, sage and advisor on climate finance investment.

One thing she raised that I hadn’t considered was how climate change will also exacerbate the gender divide. For instance, much of the work that is done in developing countries, such as walking to wells for water, is done by girls who will have further to go, and less schooling as a result.

We also discussed gender imbalance in my old sector, tech and digital consulting. It’s depressing that in my network of founders and leaders in that space, there are almost no women at all.

I love that there are over 2 dozen companies founded by my old team in Conchango. We had something that helped people feel empowered and confident enough to take that plunge, successfully for the most part. But men are disproportionately represented amongst those founders.

So if you’re a male founder or leader in that space (or any other), my question to you is what are you doing to make it accessible and attractive for women to join your company either at a senior level, or to grow through its ranks? The founders and the founders, so if there are no women there, that boat has already sailed. But are you helping equip the women in your team with the tools to set up on their own when and if their time comes?

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