Succeeding at school may be harming your entrepreneurial career

There’s a reason that many successful business starters didn’t have sparkling academic careers, and why a lot of people who shone at school failed at startups.

If you’re an academic success at school, you become conditioned to prize being right and fear being wrong. And being right is definitely a good thing. But over time, being right is better than being wrong ONLY if it doesn’t reduce your desire to continue learning and to risk being wrong.

Or to put it another way, if you’re too afraid to be wrong, you’ll try fewer things out, and as a result, you’ll learn less than the person who spends their life trying new things and learning based on their outcomes.

Which means you’re less likely to start a business in the first place, as when it comes to starting a business there are no certainties. AND even if you do, you learn less because you risk less.

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