Start with Why Sells

The coaching industry is awash with pseudo-Sineks* telling you to Start With Why. The challenge is that most of them don’t tell you anything of substance beyond the Why. It’s as if the job’s done once you’ve got your Why.

And there’s good reason for that. It’s a lot easier to sell people on a vision than to sell them on the reality of what it takes to get it done. In my books, selling that way as they do is intellectual dishonesty at best, verging on fraud at worst.

But that also applies to those of us setting visions or a purpose for our companies. If we can’t also come up with some kind of a roadmap to get there, an ambitious and challenging one for sure, then we’re guilty of creating false hope.

So start with why for sure. But then get over it, and figure out how to get beyond the start.

*Pseudo-Sineks because if they’d actually read the whole book rather than just joining a tribe, they’d know that Sinek talks at length about actually getting on and doing things after just the start.

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