Leaders, your role is to catalyse, amplify and own

Leaders, your role is to catalyse, amplify and own. In fact, whether you realise it or not, you’ll be doing all of those all of the time simply by virtue of being a leader, a founder, a CEO.

Which means that your challenge is whether you’ll be doing them intentionally and constructively. Whether you’ll be creating positivity or obstruction in your organisation.

Will you be catalysing the creation of value, or destruction? Will you be amplifying for good, or amplifying broken values? Will you be owning your successes and failures, or trying to palm failure off on others?

Everything you try to get going will have some form of a life and will take up your team’s time, effort and focus. So make sure you think carefully about what you get going.

Everything you say will be amplified. So make sure you are saying things that move your team towards greatness rather than bickering, blame or discrimination.

All your successes, but especially your failures must be owned. You ARE the leader, so don’t be trying to blame others for failure – own it, and deal with it.

Leadership is a heavy responsibility – use it wisely.

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