Founders – your team aren’t all entrepreneurs. And that’s a good thing.

A common story I find when working with founders is frustration with the managers that they appoint into their business. Not responsive enough. Not thinking big enough. Not hungry enough.

I always need to remind them that this is why *they* are founders, and their team isn’t. Typical founder traits are both a strength and a weakness. If your whole company chases the latest shiny thing, stops what it’s going to return every call within minutes, creates new visions, then your company would be all over the place. Quite literally.

All. Over. The. Place.

You need people who will balance you. Be more considered. Think downstream. Organise things.

Despite the current entrepreneur-mania, it would be a crazy place of continual clashes and no stability if everyone in an organisation behaved like an entrepreneur. To scale up, you need balance.

And if you’re that rare founder who does do a lot of deep thinking before acting, and balances things out first, then absolutely go and find those key people to join you who are fast reactors and immediate doers, as you’ll likely need them to grow.

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