Culture radiates to all your business relationships

There was little greater testament of the culture we built than the annual London to Paris or Amsterdam bike rides that we organised.

Every year, a group of us from the ultra-fit semi-pros, to the overweight, unfit, anything-but-pros (i.e. me) would do the 3 day cycle to raise money, mostly for Hope and Play, the charity I co-founded. And it was always a blast.

In my books, a values-led company contributes to its team, owners, clients, community and suppliers. Not with a maniacal focus on its owners or just its customers, but with a greater balance to the entire environment it operates in.

And so it was with us. Although most of our riders were members of our team, we were joined by suppliers, business partners, clients and friends.

Culture radiates.

Aside from raising over £100,000 to help give children hope in a bleak environment that does its best to deprive them of it, the positivity of the event also contributed to our company. Deep relationships were forged. It became part of our story. Part of why people joined, and enjoyed being there.

Don’t underestimate positive culture. When it is thriving, the effect radiates far outside of your company.

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