Authenticity is transient

You had one chance at leading authentically. That was when you were born. If you didn’t do it then, you’ve blown it!

Because the only person who can be completely authentic is the one who has learned nothing and not grown since the day they were born.

Authenticity is continually redefined. Learning, growing, interacting with people and the environment – all of these things continually shape and reshape us.

Yet every motivator out there wants you to “lead authentically”. Let’s think for a second about what that actually means.

It would mean that if you’re self-centred, make sure you lead selfishly. If you lack confidence, then don’t try to give your team direction. If you don’t “do” people, lead without empathy.

In other words, don’t try to grow to better leadership. Does that sound like good advice?

So stop clapping everyone who tells you to lead authentically. Being on a journey to lead better is infinitely preferable to trying to be an authentic that you can’t even define.

The real authentic we all need to pay attention to is to stay authentic to our values. Everything else is about defining a new authentic that is about your growth, and which should be embraced.

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